Integrated pest management (ipm)

What is IPM?


 The management of honey bee pests by using a wide variety of control techniques that seek to minimize the use of toxic chemicals.

Do my Bees have Pests?


Understanding the signs in which your bees may be suffering from unwanted pests is important. Learn the tell-tale signs of Parasites, Pests, Predators, and more...

Varroa Mites


Varroa are an external parasitic mite that attach to the honey bees and fly back with them to the hive where they feed on the larvae and adult bees.

Other Bee Pests


Uncover some of the illusive pests who may be on the hunt for your bees. From bears to mice, hive beetles or wax moths these unwanted guests have no place in your hive. 

Checking for Pests


Keeping bee hives healthy is an important component of modern beekeeping. Here are some safe techniques to detect those critters and make sure you're maintaining a healthy colony. 

Chemical-free solutions


So your Bees have pests. No problem! We have Safe and Trusted solutions to gradually treat your bees and eliminate the nasty squatters from your hive(s).