Bees in your bonnet?

Send our members a message detailing the location of the bees so they can come and rescue them:

Is it a Swarm or Hive?

Knowing the difference between a swarm and a hive will help you describe them to a beekeeper. 

Is there a structure the bees are coming in and out of? Or is it just a mass of bees? If there’s a structure, it’s a hive. If not, it’s a swarm – bees looking for a new place to settle in and build a hive.

In your message to our members, make sure to mention:
– the location of the bees

– what do you see?
– how long have the bees been there?
– what is the nature of the colony?

  • In a wall?
  • A tree?
  • A barbecue?
  • The attic?

100% of the Rescues are done by volunteers!

We are grateful for our members! 100% of the Bee Rescues submitted to the Beekeeper's Guild of Santa Barbara are performed by our members free of charge! ~ Thank you

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